Miley Cyrus Under Fire From The Stroke Association For Tongue Joke

Miley Cyrus hosted "Saturday Night Live" this week and made a new enemy with her controversial words. The 20-year-old singer opened the show in a sketch that showed her getting ready for her now-infamous performance at the Video Music Awards before getting a surprise visit from her former self, played by Vanessa Bayer.

Bayer's Cyrus of "Hannah Montana" days questioned present-day Cyrus about her boundary-pushing actions and warned her against going through with the performance of "We Can't Stop" with Robin Thicke. At one point during the conversation, Bayer asks Cyrus why she keeps sticking her tongue out, to which Cyrus responds, "I'm having tiny strokes, yo!" Take a look at a clip of the sketch above.

Cyrus' joke about "tiny strokes" did not sit well with The Stroke Association, an information and support group which took issue with the pop star making light of the medical issue.

"Having a mini-stroke is no laughing matter," Patrick Olszowski, Head of Campaigns and Policy at the Stroke Association, said in a statement. "Around 46,000 people in the UK have a mini-stroke each year, with one in ten leading to a major stroke."

“Sticking out your tongue is not a sign of having a stroke," he continued. "Having a stroke is a serious medical emergency. With the right care and support, as well as compassion from those around them, people can make fantastic recoveries."

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