Miley Cyrus' Tongue Licked Off Her Makeup, Keen Observers Of Reddit Say

Miley Cyrus' ubiquitous tongue has spawned 20 Twitter accounts by now and endless debate. Heck, even her own mother's doing "the Miley." But is it all that surpring that this constant tongue-wagging practice has its downsides?

Aside from being a telltale sign for various diseases, Miley's tongue has gone and licked off its host's makeup. You read that right: Miley's been licking her own makeup off.

The very astute members of Reddit noticed that if you look closely enough and under the right light, you can see where the makeup has been smudged off Miley's face. Coincidentally, it's right where her tongue likes to hang.

Granted, it could be faulty makeup, bad lighting or just an unfortunate angle ... But won't it be great if Miley saw this and stopped pulling "The Miley"?



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