Miley Cyrus Is Topless On A Horse In Leaked 'Adore You' Remix Photo (NSFW)

Today in totally expected news, Miley Cyrus is topless again.

Back in February, the 21-year-old pop star released the cover art for the remix of "Adore You," which featured a close-up shot of Cyrus in a black wig, showing just enough skin to signal she wasn't wearing any clothes. Well, the full photo that was used for the cover has leaked and was posted by Idolator, and -- lo and behold -- there is Cyrus wearing nothing but white undies, straddling a white horse and holding a blunt. We think it encapsulates her entire persona to a tee.

Of course, Cyrus has now posed topless so many times it would be more surprising if she actually wore a shirt during a photo shoot.



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