Miley Cyrus Performs In Underwear After Missing Costume Change

Miley Cyrus is pushing the envelope again, but this time, it wasn't exactly intentional.

The star took the stage during her March 9 Bangerz Tour performance in Milwaukee, Wis. wearing a particularly revealing outfit that appeared to just be a bra and panties ... because apparently, it was just her bra and panties.

No, that's not a new costume; that's the absence of a costume. After the performance, Cyrus took to Twitter to tell her fans what happened. She admitted that for the first time, she couldn't complete her costume change quickly enough and had to run out onstage in her undies when her next song began to play.

The lingerie set wasn't really racier than Cyrus' planned outfit. Several fan videos of Cyrus' "23" performance in various cities show that all she was actually missing from the costume was a pair of cutout chaps.



Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour