Miley Cyrus' NSFW Valentine's Day Tweet To Liam Hemsworth Is So Extra

Because nothing publicly says "I love you" quite like this.

You could buy your sweetheart chocolates or flowers for Valentine’s Day.

Or you could do like Miley Cyrus and tweet a naughty meme of yourself with a declaration of love for new husband Liam Hemsworth.

Either way, ain’t love grand?

If the NSFW image, taken of the singer during a 2014 concert, might take a wrecking ball to your sensibilities, don’t proceed further.

Now here it is:

The former “Hannah Montana” star has always been a bit of a provocateur as a grown-up. Even just a few days ago she posted this Insta when she filled in for the ill Hemsworth at a premiere of his new movie, “Isn’t It Romantic.”

She also gave a nice shoutout to Hemsworth’s penis in December.

Just Miley being Miley.

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