Miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair Cover The Magazine's Best-Seller Since November's RFK Issue

Annnie Leibovitz's outrage-baiting didn't do much for Vogue, but it helped give Vanity Fair its best-selling issue of the year.

The June issue of the Condé Nast-owned glossy, featuring a controversially sexy photoshoot with Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, sold 435,000 newsstand copies, according to ABC Rapid Report. (Condé Nast also owns Portfolio.) That's hardly a blockbuster for Vanity Fair -- its September 2005 issue, with Jennifer Aniston on the cover, sold 740,000 copies -- but it's still the strongest seller since last November. Not bad for an issue whose cover image was a 40-year-old photo of Robert F. Kennedy. The story elicited a record number of letters from Vanity Fair readers, according to WWD.