Miley Cyrus Is 'Younger Now' In Oldies-Inspired Music Video

The pop star's new album is almost here.

Miley Cyrus is basically Benjamin Button-ing her way through her latest reinvention, or at least that’s what she wants you to believe. 

On Friday, the pop star dropped her new single “Younger Now,” which happens to be the name of her upcoming sixth studio album, with an accompanying video. (The former “Hannah Montana” star teased the track on Instagram all week with a series of throwback photos of herself.)

Say what you want about Cyrus, but she does give a good music video, and (bonus points!) mostly stays in her lane this time. Committing to her new country-tinged sound, the singer channels Elvis and everything oldies, including a squad made up of, well, the elderly.

And it wouldn’t be a Miley Cyrus video if she didn’t make out with at least one of them, right? 

“Feels like I just woke up / Like all this time I’ve been asleep,” Cyrus belts on the track. “Even though it’s not who I am / I’m not afraid of who I used to be.”

After donning a series of outfits paying tribute to The King ― the bedazzled blue jumpsuit is a personal favorite ― she ends the video in a dance number that looks straight out of the ’50s ... with a little hoedown thrown in, of course. 

Following the dreamy “Malibu” and her latest song “Inspired,” “Younger Now” marks the third single off her new album, which will be released Sept. 29. 

See the full tracklist below. 

1. Younger Now

2. Malibu

3, Rainbowland [feat. Dolly Parton]

4. Week Without You

5. Miss You So Much

6. I Would Die For You

7. Thinkin’

8. Bad Mood

9. Love Someone

10. She’s Not Him

11. Inspired



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