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Miley vs. Taylor in "Who Traveled Better?"

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By: Fiona Moriarty, Hipmunk

The 2015 VMAs were predictably full of drama, forced tension, and jaw-dropping live performances--which was good or bad, depending on whom you ask. And who better to grace the stage but two of the reigning queens of pop, Miley Cyrus (host) and Taylor Swift (performer).

While folks debate the quality of their deliveries and their outfits, we're really more interested in how these two pop icons travel. So we decided to compare the travel itineraries from their overlapping tours: Cyrus' 2014 Bangerz Tour and Swift's 2013-2014 Red Tour.

Without further ado, here's a look at who traveled better in 2014.

Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour

Cyrus' fourth concert tour was a vaudevillian celebration of her fourth studio album, Bangerz. The tour kicked off in February 2014 in Vancouver, Canada, after which Cyrus returned to the U.S. for a cross-country tour of epic proportions.

Between the last few days of February and the end of March, Cyrus performed in no fewer than 19 U.S. cities, including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Milwaukee, Tulsa, New Orleans, Orlando, and Atlanta. She spent the last three days of March back in Canada, performing in both Montreal and Toronto.

After hitting still more U.S. cities throughout the month of April, Cyrus kept the heat on during a far-flung European tour. In May alone, Cyrus visited:
Tired yet? Cyrus was just getting started. Throughout the month of June, she went on to perform in:
Things didn't end there--Cyrus spent the rest of the year touring the United States, Latin America, New Zealand, and Australia--but our comparison does, because Swift's Red Tour concluded in June 2014. Speaking of which...

Taylor Swift: The Red Tour

It may seem like Taylor Swift has ruled the world of pop forever, but the Red Tour was only her third worldwide concert tour. Following on the heels of the release of her fourth studio album, Red, in 2012, the 2013-2014 tour started with Swift zig-zagging around the United States before making her way across the Atlantic.

Swift's February 2014 was decidedly more demure than Cyrus'. She waved hello to Europe in London, England before proceeding to Berlin, Germany and then returning to London a few days later.

It's when we hit May 2014 that the comparison becomes almost laughable. Remember that list of marvelous European destinations where Cyrus performed on an almost nightly basis in May? Taylor Swift's tour (admittedly on its last legs at this point) made just one stop in May: the incomparable city of Shanghai, China.

Swift picked up steam (kind of) in June as she performed in:
Her last show in Singapore marked the tour's conclusion on June 12. Five countries in 12 days is hardly an itinerary to laugh at--and we applaud Swift for visiting places slightly off the beaten track.

The Verdict

Frankly, there's no comparison. When it comes to seeing a huge variety of amazing places, Cyrus unquestionably takes the cake. But as for the quality of the experience, who can say? Perhaps Swift was more concerned with finding herself while traveling the globe than with ticking off another location on her bucket list. Every traveler has to explore in her or his own way--and that's a travel truth we can get behind.