Military Dad Dressed As Captain America Surprises Sons (VIDEO)

Bring out the tissues. "Captain America" is about to melt your heart.

Unbeknownst to his two young boys, this military dad has returned from Afghanistan just in time for a birthday celebration. And he's dressing up as Captain America for the occasion.

There's a knock on the door, and Cole and little brother Chase eagerly run to greet their surprise visitor. When Cole comes face to face with the superhero, he's dazzled the character has made a house call.

After playtime, mom announces it's time for breakfast. She suggests they all take off their masks before they sit at the table. Cole and Chase obediently take their seats, and when a mask-less Captain America walks into the room, the boys just stare and wave.

Caught by surprise, Cole slowly slides off his chair and presses himself against his father. The boy looks up one last time to make sure the moment is real. And in classic little-brother fashion, Chase follows suit and gingerly wraps himself around dad's leg.

Looks like dad's the real hero here.

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