Military Spouses, the Nation's Other Heroes

The Friday before Mother's Day each year is known as Military Spouse Appreciation Day. Like me, I would imagine those reading this would agree that everyday should be Mothers Day, and everyday should also be a day where we appreciate and recognize military spouses. When a member of our armed forces is deployed, their entire family is also called to serve. This is especially true of the military spouse, who often assumes the role of mom, dad, coach, breadwinner, and much more while their spouse is deployed. The military spouse rarely asks for support, and often shy away from recognition, but there is an easy way we can thank them for their service, and that is by HIRING THEM!

Interesting Facts:
o 26% unemployment rate
o 25% wage gap between military spouses and non-military workers
o There are more than 700,000 active duty spouses
o 84% have some college education
o 77% report needing or wanting to work
o 38% are underemployed

Why Hire Military Spouses:
o They are among the most educated
o They are extremely adaptable
o They are loyal and dependable
o They work very well under stressful conditions
o Military spouses tend to hold the same job for the entire time of their spouses assignment. This averages between 2-4 years compared to just over 1 year average turnover in the private sector

On May 7th, Milicruit will host a dedicated virtual career fair for military spouses in recognition of Military Spouse Appreciation Day. The Milicruit service provides the spouse an opportunity to meet and interact with employers in real time, but without the cost, burden or environmental impact typically associated with attending brick and mortar career fairs. The military spouse virtual career fair is just one of the more than 15 events planned in support of the 10,000 Jobs for Veterans and Military Spouses Challenge launched by Milicruit, MOAA, DirectEmployers, and more than 30 leading companies. Military Spouses interested in participating in the Milicruit virtual career fair can register for free at

To celebrate military spouses during the month of May, Blue Star Families is providing everyone the opportunity to request an Outstanding Military Spouse Certificate for the special military spouse in their life. By visiting their website anyone can submit their information to nominate the military spouse in their life for this award. Anyone is able to enter and receive a certificate for the military spouse in their life.

The last thing a military spouse or a veteran is looking for is a handout. They are a proud group to say the least, and would probably rather you give your jobs to someone else if the reason you are offering to them is out of pity or charity. Hiring military spouses simply makes for good business, and in employing them, you will get a hard working, educated, loyal, and dedicated team member.

It should not take occasions like Military Spouse Appreciation Day to bring awareness to the issues many of our military families are faced with each day, and it is terrific to see that programs such as the Military Spouse Employment Partnership, Bluestar Families, Joining Forces are in place to show our military community that we do in fact have your back, and we will continue to fight for you as you have done for us when called upon.

To all the military spouses out there, we thank you for your outstanding service, and we proclaim everyday Military Spouse Appreciation Day and Mother's Day!

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