Military Wedding: Free Dresses For Brides (VIDEO)

WATCH: Military Bride Gets Teary Trying On Free Wedding Dress

War is tough on every relationship -- the long distance between lovers, the time apart, the high rates of veteran poverty and homelessness upon return.

Given all those factors, it can be can be exceedingly difficult to plan a wedding. To help support service members and their partners in planning their Big Days, the Brides Across America program offers free wedding gowns to women in the army and fiancees of active service members and veterans.

On Nov. 7, New York wedding boutique Bridal Reflections took part in Brides Across America and opened their doors to military brides to choose the free dress of their dreams.

One bride, Maria Soehngen, stopped by Bridal Reflections to start her search for the perfect gown. "It's a blessing to be here and it's so wonderful to be given back [to] for the sacrifice that my fiance made," she told HuffPost Weddings (her fiance toured Iraq from 2008 to 2009 during Operation Iraqi Freedom).

After trying on several gorgeous gowns, Soehngen found "the one." See the dress that she ultimately selected in this exclusive Huffington Post video.

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