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In Defense Of Milk Chocolate, The Underdog Of The Chocolate World

We know you're all about dark chocolate, but here's why it's time to revisit milk.

Whatever happened to milk chocolate? In recent years, everybody seems to be siding with dark chocolate, leaving milk out in the cold. Everywhere you look, people are singing dark chocolate's praises, from its potential to prevent heart attacks and strokes to its mood-boosting properties to its beauty benefits.

Milk chocolate, which contains milk powder or condensed milk, is actually a relatively recent invention in the long history of chocolate. In 1867, Swiss chemist Henri Nestlé developed powdered milk, and 12 years later Swiss chocolate manufacturer Daniel Peter combined it with chocolate liquor. Milk chocolate was born and the chocolate industry and Valentine's Day hasn't been the same since.

We admit, many of us here at HuffPost Taste prefer dark chocolate to milk. We are, however, also fans of milk, and since today is National Milk Chocolate Day, we feel it's only fair to give milk chocolate its due.

Here are 11 reasons milk chocolate might just be better than dark chocolate.

Milk chocolate isn't bitter.
Zoonar RF via Getty Images
It doesn't have a bitter bone in its body (ahem, dark.)
It melts in your mouth.
Mikael Damkier via Getty Images
No real dark chocolate bar will melt in your mouth like milk chocolate does. Not in the same, immediate, velvety and knee-weakening way, at least. And it never, ever melts in your hand.
This milk chocolate ice cream.
Annie's Eats
Try this milk chocolate ice cream with brownie bits recipe by Annie's Eats and tell us milk chocolate isn't superior.
These milk-chocolate pots de crème.
Con Poulos
Don't fight it. These milk-chocolate pots de crème are everything.
This cake.
Martha Stewart
Wowza. Sh*t just got real with this chocolate-flecked layer cake with milk chocolate frosting from Martha Stewart.
This malted vanilla ice cream with peanut brittle and milk chocolate chunks.
Brown Eyed Baker
Dark chocolate just wouldn't have the same effect as milk chocolate in this decadent malted ice cream recipe from Brown Eyed Baker.
These milk chocolate peanut butter truffle brownies.
Half Baked Harvest
In these milk chocolate peanut butter truffle brownies, milk chocolate is melted into the batter, milk chocolate chunks are stirred in and and more is drizzled on top. Need we say more?
And these chocolate frosting doughnuts.
How Sweet It Is
These doughnuts are frosted with milk chocolate and topped with potato chips. YUP.
This Kit Kat is better than that Kit Kat. It just is.
No matter how much you want to prefer dark chocolate Kit Kats, in your heart of hearts you know that the milk chocolate version -- the original -- is far better.
Dark chocolate will ruin your s'mores. Milk chocolate for the win!
cobraphoto via Getty Images
We've tried it -- it's sad, harsh reality: Dark chocolate just doesn't work in s'mores. If you don't believe us, try it for yourself and get back to us.
Milk chocolate goes better with hazelnuts.
Alex Farnum
You know it's true. Try this homemade version of Nutella from Leite's Culinaria and it'll all make sense, you know, because Nutella.

We rest our case.

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