'Milk In My Sippy Cup': Pint-Sized Kid Stars In Adorable Rap Video

A little boy in a striped shirt, a blue hat, and loose-fitting pants potters around his yard, playing with a yellow ball. He stumbles and drops the ball, which lands on a tambourine. Just another cute YouTube video, right? Wrong. This is not any old home movie clip. This is "Milk In My Sippy Cup," a music video starring pint-size milk-loving superstar-in-the-making Max.

This little guy has mastered many instruments (music toys, natch) -- among them the rainbow xylophone, the plastic rattle, and his piano-scooter-hybrid-thingamajig that grown-up rappers only wish they had. Then come his lyrics, intoned by a disembodied grown-up voice, all about the experiences shared by toddlers who love their milky: "Milk in my sippy cup/ Rollin' in my firetruck/ If my cup runs out of milk, my mommy gonna fill it up."

An artist like Max doesn't work alone though. The YouTube page for his video gives shout-outs to writers and editors "Wax, Herbal T, EOM, Andrew Kurchinski, and Yesica Rodrigue." An amazing team effort, we think.