Millenials are Cheating on Their Full Time Jobs for Part Time Gigs

The summer of 2016 began with not so hot news for the job market. Jobs are still on the decline and even more Americans are finding themselves in the unemployment line.

These alarming drops have many millennials preparing for the worst leading many to get part time jobs not out of obligation but out of fear

Currently, more than half of millennials work part time jobs citing their reasoning to needing additional income to support their lifestyles and pay off debt. So what type of part time jobs do these also full time working millennials have time for? You would be surprised:


If you are like many college graduates, you have probably had your share of writing assignments. The last thing you probably ever imagined you would be doing to make a little extra cash would be writing. To your surprise people are willing to pay a great deal of money for great content. The national average for one piece of content is about .15 per word. While this may not make you extremely rich it could become pretty lucrative to you if you got enough clients.

Uber Driver

One of the quickest and most popular ways to make some extra money is becoming an Uber driver. In fact, Uber often boasts of the high number of drivers they have joining their team each week. After a quick assessment and background check one is able to begin driving shortly after.


Good at a particular subject? There are thousands of students out there who are in need of a tutor. What's even better is that there are now several companies that offering virtual tutoring that gives you the capability to tutor from anywhere across the country.

Craigslist one off Gigs

If you are looking for a quick way to make money and get paid almost instantly perhaps Craigslist is for you. If you go to the popular site and search gigs you will find all types of positions including gigs that involve passing out fliers and even gigs that involve being quality sign spinners on the side of the street advertising for local businesses. Some of these one off gigs may involve you getting a little dirty and or sweaty but it will be well worth the extra cash if you really need.

Brand Ambassadors

One of the easiest ways to make some quick guaranteed cash especially during the summer is by becoming a brand ambassador. Brands are always looking for fresh talent willing to advertise for them on college campuses, concerts and special events and shows. This is not only guaranteed to provide a resume boost but it is also a great opportunity for networking.