Millenials Sink to New Low With ISIL

Millenials Sink to New Low With ISIL
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Anyone who knows me knows how much I "adore" Millenials -- those 20-30 somethings who grew up with technology that MY generation and the one before developed, and claim that because of that technology, they know more than anyone else. So, in the midst of their errogant, know-it-all rants, why in the hell are they flocking in droves to the Middle East to join ISIL? Do they know something that we don't? I'm being sarcastic here. If you posted online that Apple came out with a flying pig, Millenials would be camping out at the Apple store waiting for their ticket to reserve one.

If we look back in the history of war worldwide, we would have to look, really really hard, to find 20 and 30 somethings from various countries who joined enemy armies. Let's see... in the '40s did we see herds of people going to Germany to Join the Nazis? How about North Korea in the '50s? None that I know of. And how about Vietnam in the '60s?

Do you see what I'm getting at?

Millenials have sunk to a new low, with their "I know everything about the world" attitudes, by joining ISIL and fighting for the terrorist group. These idiots have no clue as to the brutality of ISIL -- radicals who kill anybody, even babies and other innocents including Muslims, who do not follow their beliefs. Millenials have to be the most embarrassing generation in human history. I think they're wearing their beanies, scarves and horn-rimmed glasses too tight, and it's negatively affecting their brains.

What con-volutes matters now is that by joining a terrorist organization, they are now affecting entire nations with their idiocy. They attribute their "amazing knowledge of everything" to being a technology generation. But what they fail to understand is that technology is not and never was meant to replace good old common sense. It's the reason why Millenials are so damned rude -- because they learned from chatting and email that you don't need to be polite if you just disconnect or log off. It's that simple, right guys?


So now the FBI and the Justice Department has to play "good parent" and catch these dummies who are trying to fly to Belgium and Syria to join ISIL. Really? Our own government is forced to spend time and effort stopping these "kids" from joining and fighting for a terrorist group. If that isn't a cry for help, then the only other explanation is that they're just stupid.

Millenials -- wake up and smell the Red Bull... joining a terrorist organization will NOT make you look smarter, nor will it help make a better world or make some sort of cool statement. All your other crap we can deal with...

... but joining terrorists because you think it's cool... stupidity...

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