Millennial Entrepreneur Details How He Wants To Fight Rising Adderall Abuse

Millennial Entrepreneur Details How He Wants To Fight Rising Adderall Abuse
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Andrew Kozlovski

After answering several questions for article concerning Adderall abuse on college campuses, Andrew Kozlovski creator of Brainz Power agreed to answer several more questions concerning the rising epidemic and how he wants to help reduce prescription drug abuse.

Becoming An Entrepreneur

"Always, I was an All-American swimmer in high school and continued to swim my freshman year in college. Peak health was always on my mind, but I began craving something to help me stay focused when I started college," was Andrew's response when asked if he always was interested in a healthy lifestyle. Even with that background, launching a supplement business isn't expected for a teenager, "The short answer is no, I had no idea what kind of company I would start I just knew it had to solve a problem in the world and somehow let people live better lives," Andrew responded after I asked if he beginning a supplement business was a goal he had when he was younger.

"...I was working my first job at 16 and felt suffocated due to the lack of control I had in the overall success of the business and knew I could not live working for someone else and playing a passive insignificant role," he continued. While speaking about the job he had at 16, Andrew explained how he prepared himself to start the company that is now known as Brainz Power:

While I was working the job I began being a sponge, I read 50 business books within a 3 month period, took sales courses, watched interviews of successful businessmen, and anything I could get my hands on that would get me the information I craved and become a little more “experienced”. There was an overarching theme, all successful business people wish they started sooner, I then shifted my attention to starting a company as soon as I found a problem in the world that I could solve with entrepreneurship.

Witnessing Adderall Abuse On Campus

"I witnessed the Adderall epidemic among college students. I knew there had to be a solution, I knew how to execute it, and I knew I was the right person to do it," Andrew responded when asked why he developed a product aimed at individuals using Adderall as a study drug. "I told those people (using Adderall) that I created a product that is safe for the body, uses natural botanicals to support the most vital cognitive functions every single person was begging to try it," he followed.

When asked if he personally knew of students still using Adderall he responded, "Some still use Adderall, but the people that care for the body and long term health have made the shift to Brainz Power."

As a current college student, Andrew was asked what he felt Universities could do to curb prescription drug abuse on campuses, "Educating students about the negative long term effects will not work alone - students have to have a safer solution. With the pressure of performing well on SAT’s to get into their dream school or getting straight A’s to get into med school, students are faced to perform at extremely high levels and some take supplements to help them compete."

Developing The Formula

"This was the most careful and thought-out part of my startup phase. I researched every ingredient ever shown to support cognitive functions. Many ingredients work in different ways to support the brain, so I had to make a mixture that supports all functions from focus, to memory, to stress regulation," Andrew replied when asked about the ingredients found in the supplement and the effects they bring, "For example, caffeine is specifically not included in my formula because I along with many others consume more than enough caffeine throughout our day, and adding it to a daily supplement can result in headaches, this is one of the reasons out formula outperforms competitors that don’t do their testing and research," he continued on the topic.

“I made the product for myself, and refused to release a product that didn’t have significant results on me,” Andrew finished on the topic. He also noted that he went through several formulas until he was able to notice a heightened sense of concentration.

Future Goals

"That’s easy, challenges." Andrew quipped when asked what motivates him to keep his business moving forward. He continued:

Owning a business and making it successful is the most challenging thing I have ever done, and has brought me the most happiness and excitement. I am fortunate enough to be in a business that helps people, so more sales means more people are being helped which is extremely fulfilling and is the reason I wanted to start a company that solves a greater issue.

When asked about his future goals and if he wanted to become an advocate for millennials and post-millennials; Andrew gave a thoughtful response, "My goal for the future is simple, I am not here to take part I am here to be one of the best. My parents immigrated to America to give me the opportunity to do something great, and it would be disrespectful if I didn’t take advantage of the sacrifice they made. Immigration is very hard, and I saw how hard they worked just to make ends meet and from that, I always knew I never wanted my family to worry about money ever again. I pay for my private university education myself, and it is really unrealistic to pay $69k per year as a 19-21 year old, but I made it possible."

Andrew finished by saying, “ I want to inspire, motivate, and show millennials that it is possible by telling my story and documenting my journey, I put videos out on my YouTube channel about the challenges I overcame and the challenges I am facing and how I overcome them, essentially leaving a road map for all those that follow. I did not have millionaire parents or famous mentors, I did it with disgusting amounts of hard work and passion and want others to know they can to. If I can help people accomplish more by supporting their cognitive functions or helping them follow their dreams, I count that as impact and that feeds into my overall goal of being a successful.”

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