Millennials - A piece to inspire to never give up

Millennials - A piece to inspire to never give up
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Who are Millennials?

Millennials are those people who reached adulthood in 21st century. They are also known as Generation Y. They are sometimes also called as “Echo Boomers”. There are tons of Millennials who have succeed in life and found great success pursuing their Dreams.

In this post, I would like to introduce you guys to one such Millennial - JT Holmes, a Social Media Influencer, Lifestyle specialist and Events Organizer.

JT Holmes is a millennial who has used Social Media platform to build an unconventional business. He works with various social media influencers who have created great business opportunities for themselves.

JT Homes - Social Media Influencer, Lifestyle Specialist, Events Organzier

JT Homes - Social Media Influencer, Lifestyle Specialist, Events Organzier

The Beginning:

It all started when JT Holmes was 19 years old he decided that he wasn’t going to work for anyone.

I don’t want to work for anyone. I decided I wasn’t going to work for anyone else when I was 19

Going into Freshman year of college, He left Minnesota with 30,000 twitter followers and roughly 10,000 of those were targeted Arizona followers. He built this network keeping in mind that he was going to attend college in Arizona. His best friend Kameron Bennett who is a DJ for rapper Lil Bibby and ModSun played a key role in helping in knowing the importance of having a strong social network and how he can use the same for a steady income.

On second day of his Freshman Year he met a girl who told that she follows him on twitter but he never gave a follow back to her. So he decided to follow back her and in that attempt he lost access to his Twitter account. Someone had hacked into this account.

Unfortunately he was never able to get back access to his account after so many attempts and talking to Twitter. So he again started from scratch by creating a new account and building his social network again with just one aim - gain more followers that his previous account. By end of first year he had around 20,000 followers on his new account.

Summer - Turning Point

The summer after his first year was a big turning point for JT Holmes. It is during this summer time that changed his life. JT Holmes was in Minnesota during the summer break where his best friend Kameron Bennett threw many house parties and club events from which he was making a stream of income. This inspired JT Holmes to start throwing parties in Arizona.

During his sophomore year he partnered with Luis Busillo and hosted the first party – Wolf of Wall street themed. The first party he threw was a great success. Roughly 1200 students of Grand Canyon and Arizona State universities turned up. JT Holmes realized that his work would be a great success. He along with Luis throw 8 more parties during his sophomore year. These parties were a great success that it become a talk on various news articles and JT Holmes was featured on various sites.

After the grand success of these parties, he stepped up to grow his business. He started his very own entertainment company – “Lavish Entertainment” (now known as “WolfPack Entertainment, LLC”). His company threw parties for rappers like G-Eazy, Chief Keef, and Waka Flocka. These parties not only help him setup his business but also gained him lots of followers on social media.

The New Beginning:

In no time, he was making enough money from his entertainment company to pay his college fees and living.

This is when he came into contacts of some professional athletes. And he started managing Twitter accounts of NFL player Corey Liuget, Former NFL player Tommie Harris, Former NBA Athlete Maurice Ager, and former NBA player Derrick Byars.

Managing twitter accounts of professional players helped him expanding his brand and gain more business.

JT Holmes used this to to build his social network too. Soon his work was being appreciated by many other Millennials.

Summer of 2016 gave his career ‘The New Beginning” when his work was featured on popular sites like Huffpost and Inc. Since then he has not turned back. Today he is a successful entrepreneur who demolished the stereotype in business.

Currently JT Holmes is focused on making his company “WolfPack Entertainment, LLC” one of the best entertainment companies.

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