Millennials 'Apologize' For Being So Terrible (VIDEO)

Millennials have a message to all the other generations calling them a lazy, self-absorbed, narcissistic generation: "We suck and we're sorry!"

That's right, folks. An apology has officially been extended by the newest kids on the block in this video from Can Opener Studio. And to show just how truly sorry millennials are, from now on they will emulate the golden, shining example of a generation to everyone, the baby boomers.

Of course, that might be a tad bit easier said than done, they point out. You know, with everyone enrolling in colleges that cost 600 percent more than it did back in those good ol' days, many millennials got to graduate and enter the work force with a crippling amount of student debt in the midst of a recession.

Oh, and speaking of work force, and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, so to speak, do you remember all those manufacturing jobs available once upon a time? Yeah, they say, those kind of got outsourced back in the '90s ...

Oh geez, sorry! There they go making excuses again with silly facts and figures. Why don't you just watch the video above to get a better sense of the sincerity and earnestness of this millennial mea culpa?

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