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Millennials Are Doomed, Even If Donald Trump Doesn't Win

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It's tough out there for a creative millennial who hasn't yet sold out to a life of corporate servitude or paid protesting at Donald Trump rallies or Ubering until your tires fall off.

How to balance passion with stark financial reality and an increasingly competitive landscape?

LA-based actor Lorin Doctor joined me today for a fascinating on-camera chat (watch here) about her creative journey since graduating from NYU in 2013. She had less than $10,000 and 10 days to shoot a full ledge road trip movie, which took her to 5 states.

Today's chat goes into what she gained from that experience, and other production projects since then. We talked about how millennials can remain above the fray, and find their own "niche" both for creative fulfillment and economic survival. I also mentioned how impressed I was with Originals, a book about original thinkers written by Adam Grant (foreword by Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook).

Speaking of economic survival, though, the other day I wrote here about how millennials have found an unusual collective passion project in cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin... hopefully it will be the technological-economic boom this generation needs to get us back on track in an overly indebted, compartmentalized, highly populated world.

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