Millennials Are The Reason For The Spike In Prenups

Millennials are responsible for a new marital trend: a spike in prenups — and the downfall of the stigma typically associated with the legal documents.

These days, millennials get a bad rap for “ruining” — or “redefining” — pretty much anything, especially when it comes to relationships.

We already know they’re waiting longer to get married, and that’s only if they decide to put a ring on it at all. Hesitancy to enter holy matrimony is just one of the many reasons divorce rates have dropped significantly in America.

But millennials are also responsible for another marital trend: a spike in prenups, an agreement in which couples establish rights to assets in the event of a divorce. According to a study by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 62 percent of attorneys surveyed saw an uptick in requests for prenuptial agreements, with 51 percent citing an increase in millennials asking for the protection.

With the rise of prenups also comes the downfall of the stigma typically associated with them. For starters, prenups aren’t just for the wealthy anymore; they’re for everyone. And prenups don’t necessarily mean a couple is on the path to divorce, either.

Millennials have learned from previous generations and reconsidered the marital experience — much like everything else they’ve touched — even before walking down the aisle.

Watch the “ICYMI By HuffPost” conversation about millennial prenups in the video above.

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