Millennials Crave a Workplace That Fosters Innovation

Millennials Crave a Workplace That Fosters Innovation
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Once driven by profit alone, the newest generation in the workforce is causing the dynamics in business to shift. Millennials want more than just profit; their job satisfaction comes more from their company's purpose when it comes to innovation and positive societal impact. Socialcast shares the findings of Deloitte's Millenial Survey in the infographic slides below.

71 percent of Millennials believe that business innovation improves society and 62 percent think they themselves are "innovative," yet only 52 percent of them feel their current work environment supports innovation. Millennials are seeking companies that are committed to creating a culture of innovation, regardless of seniority.

The companies working with what Millennials want and allowing them to thrive creatively are proving more successful than their less-innovative counterparts. Companies with a formalized innovation strategy grew 8 percent faster than other companies in terms of revenue. Millennials want to create and they want to be recognized for their ideas and the companies willing to support these initiatives are going to have the most success.

See the full SlideShare from Socialcast here.

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