Millennials, If You're Not Happy With Your Progress in Life...

Celebration of summer with friends
Celebration of summer with friends

Realize there's more to life than...

• your job
• the number of followers you have
• how you look
• the amount of likes your status gets
• how much money you earn

It's easy to feel dissatisfied with our progress in life. But too often we feel dissatisfied not because we fail to meet our own expectations, but because we feel a longing to validate our success with the world.

Many creatives I know share the same struggle: There's an ever-present desire to grow -- to become bigger, faster, stronger, and smarter. This killer instinct gives us life.

But it can also backfire.

Sometimes we involve ourselves so heavily in our quest to achieve that we become myopic in our thinking. Our reason for existing becomes solely to accumulate -- the next social media follower, the next like, the next comment -- all just for the sake of doing so.

If you think you're caught in the trap of social validation, ask yourself: "Why am I doing this?" Your answer should always relate back to your wants, your desires, and the challenges that you've set out for yourself.

Don't make the mistake of masquerading with the rest of the world. There's more to life than trying to impress others.

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