Millennials Do Not Care About Obamacare

Understand my point-of-view.

I deal with millennials every day. Miami-dade College is the biggest (175,000 students) and most multi-cultural school in the country. My students, many of whom come from poverty, do not care about the Affordable Care Act. I know their psychology. I ask them.

"Have you gone to the website?"

They stare back at me with blank eyes.

They don't care.

Millennials don't have the time, money, attention span, nor desire for Obamacare. And this would be the case if the website worked like Amazon or Orbitz, like promised. The last thing in the world millennials want is anything convoluted or remotely complicated.

Obviously my name is not Quinnipiac, but polls can be outliers. Let me give you an indicator: millennials are not engaged in this issue. Even if they could get it for free.

They're not. And by like a landslide.

Out of 200 students this semester, maybe 15 percent in my classes visited the website or said they planned to. This does not bode well for Mr. Obama -- not if we are relying on healthy millennials to pay for the sick elderly. That's how it's supposed to work, but it won't.

Noted historian and author Douglas Brinkley said it best: Mr. Obama is going to have to spend the rest of his second term explaining and messaging Obamacare.

Agreed. Not a few weeks. The rest of his term.

I voted for Obama. Volunteered for him twice. I'm so mad at his administration for the way his signature legislation is being rolled-out. It's inexcusable. For millennials, it's worse.

They don't care.

I'm failing about 30 percent of my students this term because they didn't do the work.

I wish I was making this up. I wish it was a freakish thing. It's not.

Sure, some care. Some work hard. But most do not. Period.

Not here in Miami. And not in the modern United States.

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