Millennials, Put Your Phone Down at Concerts

Last week I went to a great concert. While a good reason for my enjoyment was the band itself, it was the lack of something else that made the show a memorable one.

I didn't use my iPhone.

While that may seem to a be a non-feat, as a tech-tethered millennial it took some self control. I've started going to concerts alone (for a slew of reasons to be covered in a later blog I'm sure), and it's made me more observant and present, meaning the next step was to get rid of my phone too.

In keeping my phone in my pocket, I realized a few things.

1.You Notice the Little Things

Does this scenario sound familiar? You're at a concert and they start to play your favorite song. Your first instinct is to maybe send a tweet "[Song Title]!!!! @[artist]." Next, you open Snapchat in time to record the hook and first chorus. You take a few photos and then record the second verse.

What moments from that song did you actually notice? Once you make an effort to be present at a concert, you'll realize the bands' mannerisms, or even silly looks they're giving one another.

2. You Won't Watch The Video Anyway

How many times have you recorded a concert video to later find that it was somewhat low quality, or the screaming people around you made the audible unusable? Even if the video is of perfect quality, will you watch it again (after that first obligatory time the next day)? Probably not.

3. You'll Be More Present

There's no easy way to explain this but there's something so much more magical about fully committing yourself to the show. You aren't on YouTube or listening to iTunes, this is a live performance. When you unplug, there's something almost spiritual about being fully immersed in what is transpiring around you.

4. Everyone Else Will Look Ridiculous
Once you make the decision to keep it in your pocket, you'll realize how crazy everyone looks. Between dropping gadgets, zooming, clearing space for more videos, and just blatantly not paying attention, you're going to be quite pleased with your decision.

5. Someone Else is Recording it Anyway
While this isn't a guarantee, there's good odds that someone is. Look for the videos the next day if you really want to relive the concert. Once you fully commit yourself to a concert though, you'll realize that the videos will do it no justice.