Millie Bobby Brown Fears Filming 'Stranger Things' Since Picking Up New Habit

The star said she has a "deep-rooted fear" she won't be able to shake the new practice she adopted on the set of "Enola Holmes 2."

Millie Bobby Brown picked up a habit while filming “Enola Holmes 2” that she’s worried she won’t be able to shake when she returns to the “Stranger Things” set.

During a Q&A at the sequel’s New York City premiere, Brown explained that in her role as Enola Holmes, she’d gotten used to breaking the fourth wall and looking directly into the camera to speak to viewers, according to “Today.”

“While filming, I had a dream that I was on the set of ‘Stranger Things,’ and I couldn’t stop looking at the camera,” Brown said, Today reported. “And now, I have this deep-rooted fear that now I will never stop looking at the camera. So now, I’m so obsessed with it.”

She said filming the movie, in which she portrays the younger sister of the iconic fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, felt like she was “vlogging on YouTube all day long.”

The fifth and final season of “Stranger Things,” the sci-fi hit that gave Brown her big break, is expected to begin shooting next year. The actor told Queue last month it breaks her heart to be saying goodbye to the series and her role as the superhuman protagonist, Eleven. Brown was just 12 years old when the show began.

“They gave me an opportunity that not many people were giving me at the time,” she told Queue of the show’s creators, brothers Matt and Ross Duffer. “They believed in me, and they knew I was capable of something. I’m just very grateful, and they’ve always been there for me.”

“Enola Holmes 2” is now available to stream on Netflix.

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