Militia Groups, Conspiracy Theorists Rally In D.C. For Election Loser Donald Trump

President Donald Trump briefly waved to the crowd from his motorcade on his way to go golfing.

Demonstrators as part of a “Million MAGA March” swarmed Washington, D.C., on Saturday in a show of support for President Donald Trump, whose loss to President-elect Joe Biden was determined exactly a week ago.

The protest didn’t quite live up to its name, however.

A few thousand Trump supporters ― many of them unmasked ― did show up to Freedom Plaza in a show of solidarity with the president, who has spent the last week desperately seeking to overturn the results of the election by falsely claiming widespread voter fraud, but the number of marchers fell way short of the “more than one million” falsely touted by the Trump administration on Saturday afternoon.

Accompanying Trump supporters was a large contingent of Proud Boys, a violent street gang whose accomplishments include a call from the president to “stand by.” Other militia groups, including the Oath Keepers, and members of the right-wing extremist group Boogaloo Bois were also present, according to reporters on the scene.

Followers of the QAnon conspiracy cult attended the rally as well, along with disinformation peddler Alex Jones, according to Daily Beast reporter Will Sommer.

Demonstrators came out to support Trump’s baseless claims that widespread voter fraud in states that Trump lost by thousands of votes means that Biden’s Electoral College victory is illegitimate. Trump and his legal team have provided little to no evidence of the alleged fraud and have lost multiple court battles in the process. Trump’s refusal to submit to reality has also caused him to turn against Fox News, which has accurately called the election for Biden.

White nationalist Nick Fuentes, who once called for the killings of CNN employees, was seen at the rally chanting alongside others: “Fox News sucks.”

Counterprotesters also made their voices heard and footage on social media showed heated interactions between some Trump supporters and counter-protesters, but the two groups were kept largely separated from each other by police.

As of Saturday night, at least 10 people had been arrested during the protests, including four individuals for firearms violations, D.C. police told AP.

While Trump encouraged his supporters to come out on Saturday in a tweet that also teased his own appearance, the president could only be bothered for a drive-by wave.

Multiple videos on Twitter showed the president’s motorcade roll past his most ardent supporters, waving through a window on his way to Sterling, Virginia, where he planned to play golf for the day.

Some supporters chanted “Four more years!” as the motorcade drove by, Reuters reported. But when the march ends, and Biden is sworn into office on Jan. 20, Trump’s supporters ― much like the president himself ― will have to face a harsh reality: There won’t be another four years of the Trump presidency.

Dominique Mosbergen contributed reporting.

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