This Is What It Looks Like When New York City Erupts With Cries For Justice

Demonstrators flooded New York City's streets Saturday afternoon and into the evening, swarming the NYPD headquarters and demanding an end to racial injustices across America. More than 50,000 individuals joined the protests, according to some estimates.

“For over three hours we marched throughout Manhattan with the survivors of police brutality and homicide," said Synead Nichols, who founded the event, Millions March NYC, in a statement. Tens of thousands of others joined similar demonstrations throughout the nation Saturday, including in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Denver and an equally-massive rally in Washington, D.C.

"They marched because their sons and daughters will never be able to march again,” Nichols added. "Together we peacefully demonstrated that NYC, and people in cities across the country, will not stand for a police system that shoots to kill with no accountability. This is only the beginning.”

The Huffington Post's Emily Kassie captured photographs of the action in New York. Take a look below: