Milo The Cat Burglar Steals 20 Sets Of Keys With Magnetic Collar

lovely persian kitten in...
lovely persian kitten in...

A cat in northeast London is an inadvertant burglar after its owner discovered the kitty's magnet collar had picked up 20 sets of keys.

Her name is "Milo" and for the last five weeks this real-life cat burglar has been on an accidental crime spree picking up house and car keys from around her neighborhood.

Milo's owner, Kirsten Alexander, 27, installed a magnetic "cat flap" on her own door to keep other pets out, but admitted she had no idea how Milo -- who wandered through houses using other cat doors -- was snooping around when she wasn't home.

"Obviously she likes roaming around and sneaking into other people's homes and it just so happens that her magnetic collar kept picking up people's spare keys," Alexander told the Telegraph.

Alexander found 12 sets of keys in her garden, eight around her home as well as other metallic items like nails, screws and bolts.

"When I saw [Milo] coming through the catflap with a set of keys round her neck I thought ‘poor thing’ because her neck was really weighed down, and then it dawned on me what was happening," she told the Daily Mail.

The keys have been returned to their proper owners and Alexander said, luckily, the neighbors had a sense of humor about Milo's mischief.

Milo isn't the only kitty cat burglar who terrorized England this year.

Back in September, a cat known as "Denis the Menace" was discovered to be the pussycat perpetrator of an 18-month crime spree that resulted in two full boxes of loot including a bath towel, a thong, a football, five paintbrushes, a pair of slippers, a designer shirt, a doll, gloves, men's undies, shoes, tea towels, seven car sponges and a cuddly toy, according to HuffPost UK.



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