Milo Ventimiglia 'Almost Took Vows' With Mandy Moore In Early Days Of 'This Is Us'

"It's been a pleasure to be her TV husband for six years," the actor told Jimmy Fallon of of his co-star on the NBC drama, which just kicked off its final season.

Milo Ventimiglia has nothing but love for his television wife, Mandy Moore.

Appearing on “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” this week, the three-time Emmy nominee spoke at length about the sixth (and final) season of “This Is Us,” which debuted Tuesday. Describing Moore as the “best partner I’ve ever had” in the thespian sense, he went on to explain how the co-stars cemented their professional bond ahead of the show’s 2016 debut.

“We just kind of raised our glasses to one another,” Ventimiglia explained. “We almost took vows with one another where it was like, ‘Hey, I promise to always communicate. I promise to not be happy until you’re happy. I will always look out for you.’ ... And we have stayed very true to what we said in the beginning.”

“I get to sit there in front of her or stand in front of her or lay in a bed next to her and watch, front row, what she does and how impactful the work is to her,” the actor continued. “It’s been a pleasure to be her TV husband for six years, and at the same time, closing this chapter, I’m very excited to see what Mandy does next, because she’s such a force.”

Catch Milo Ventimiglia’s interview with Jimmy Fallon below.

Ventimiglia and Moore star on “This Is Us” as Jack and Rebecca Pearson, the parents of the show’s “Big Three” siblings Kevin, Kate and Randall.

Though Jack died in a Season 2 episode involving a house fire started by a faulty crockpot, the character continues to appear in flashback sequences that reflect the challenges that the Pearson family has faced over a series of decades.

Elsewhere in the chat, Ventimiglia touched on his forthcoming role on Amazon’s “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” set to debut in February. And, true to from, Fallon couldn’t resist asking the actor about the “short shorts” he famously rocked last year during a visit to the gym in Los Angeles.

“It went crazy. Literally crazy, like broke-the-internet crazy,” Ventimiglia said of his fitness attire, which garnered buzzy write-ups in Men’s Health and GQ. “They were actually really normal length. I just have kind of meaty thighs and I pulled them up, and I walked out and they stuck. Every day is a good leg day.”

Milo Ventimiglia (left) and Mandy Moore.
Milo Ventimiglia (left) and Mandy Moore.
Kevin Winter via Getty Images
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