Milo Ventimiglia's Reaction To 'This Is Us' Finale Script Is Telling

The actor and the show's creator, Dan Fogelman, had an emotional text exchange.

Are you ready for the season finale of “This Is Us”? 

We’re already aware that Milo Ventimiglia wants viewers to get the tissues ready for what will surely be an emotional episode. But now we know just what his reaction was when he read the Season 1 finale script for the first time.

On Tuesday, series creator Dan Fogelman shared the text exchange he had with Ventimiglia after he finished poring over the script ― and the actor’s reaction was priceless, really. 

Shortly after tweeting the text messages from January, a fan pointed out that Fogelman had Ventimiglia’s last name spelled wrong in his phone.

“Ha! Didn’t see that. Put into my phone early on. Hey I got “Milo” right,” Fogelman tweeted about the spelling mistake. 

Afterward, Ventimiglia referenced their text exchange on Twitter, noting that fans are going “to go crazy” after Tuesday’s episode. 

Fogleman told Entertainment Weekly that the season finale, titled “Moonshadow,” will go even further back in time, showing Jack (Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore) the year before they met. He also described the finale as both “dangerous” and “intense.”

Whatever happens, we can expect to have a few unanswered questions tied up

And in case you need some extra tips on how to prep for the finale, earlier this month, Ventimiglia told HuffPost at Build Series, “Get yourself a watching buddy, get some food, which you probably won’t eat. I don’t know, maybe you want a warm blanket or a puppy. Kleenex, probably mandatory. And yeah, get ready, it’s going to be a little stressful.”

OK, Milo we’re as ready as we can be. 

Are you? 

“This Is Us” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC. 

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