Milo Ventimiglia Strips Down To Raise Awareness For Breast Cancer On 'Ellen'

He made quite the splash.

Milo Ventimiglia gave fans quite a treat on Monday’s episode of “Ellen.”

The “This Is Us” star appeared on the talk show at the beginning of the week with fill-in host Miley Cyrus to talk about his new NBC show and help kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Ventimiglia and Cyrus bonded over the fact that both of their butts have made headlines ― his for appearing bare in the premiere of “This Is Us” and hers for basically every outfit she wore throughout 2015.

“All that people were talking about was your butt last week,” Cyrus said. “Usually that’s my job.” 

“It’s ready for camera,” Ventimiglia responded as a giant image of the cheeky scene was plastered behind them ― to the studio audience’s delight.

Eventually, Cyrus and Ventimiglia made their way to the splash tank. The former “Gilmore Girls” actor stripped off his shirt and got in while the former “Hannah Montana” actress threw pink balls at a target in hopes of dunking him in. The whole stunt was for a good cause: $10,000 would be donated toward breast cancer research if Cyrus managed to hit the target.

“Totally worth it,” Cyrus assured Ventimiglia. “Worth getting objectified.” 

Watch the whole clip above. 



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