Milo Yiannopoulos On Pedophilia And 'This Arbitrary And Oppressive Idea Of Consent'

This is not the first time Milo has spoken of the joys of pedophilia.
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Breitbart News editor Milo Yiannopoulos says sex between adult men and 13 year-old boys is OK as long as the boy’s sexual organs are “mature.” He would also like to thank a certain Catholic priest for teaching him to “give such good head” when Yiannopoulos was a child.

All documented on a new video from the Drunken Peasants podcast, which has left American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp in a, shall we say, touchy position.

Schlapp has booked Yiannopoulos to speak at the upcoming Conservative Political Action Conference, better know as CPAC. Yiannopoulos got higher billing, and more speaking time, than Vice President Mike Pence, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, former presidential candidate Carly Fiorina and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and media personalities Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs.

Schlapp was getting criticism for the invitation even before the Milo pedophilia video emerged. On Sunday he responded, “We think free speech includes hearing Milo’s important perspective. #CPAC2017” When Milo’s critics did not back down, Schlapp tweeted again, “I think it is amazing that with all leftwing hate on campus you attack him.”

The Milo pedophilia video may have changed that calculus, as conservative pundits raced to denounce him. Jamie Weinstein of The Daily Caller tweeted, “Do the Democrats even need to produce ads in 2018? Just run Milo’s pro-pederasty clips and tie them to all Repubs who attended CPAC.” Christian radio personality Steve Deace tweeted, “If you mention Jesus in your bio but are defending Milo, please tell us where you go to church so the rest of us know not to go there.”

We get hung up on this child abuse stuff… This is one of the reasons why I hate the left, the one size fits all policing of culture, this arbitrary and oppressive idea of consent.
I’m grateful for Father Michael [a Catholic priest Milo claims to have had sex with as a teenager]. I wouldn’t give nearly such good head if it wasn’t for him.
Pedophilia is not a sexual attraction to somebody who is 13 years old and sexually mature. Pedophilia is attraction to children who have not reached puberty, who do not have functioning sex organs yet, who have not gone through puberty.
In the gay world, some of the most important enriching, and incredibly life-affirming, important, shaping relationships are between younger boys and older men. They can be hugely positive experiences very often for those young boys.

This is one of the reasons Milo hates the left? Because the left doesn’t understand the merits of sexual relations between adult men and 13-year-old boys? And this from the mouth of a gay man who, in all his speeches, refers to Trump as “daddy.”

One of the most difficult things to understand about the whole Milo phenomenon has been how a bitchy gay queen like Milo can sashay his way into right-wing superstardom while greeting conservative audiences with a big “Hello Faggots!” and relentelssly carrying on about all the black dick that his been in his mouth.

The Milo pedophilia video may be the moment the wheels finally come off that bus. (Milo actually has a tour bus provided him by Breitbart News, painted with a giant “DANGEROUS FAGGOT” mural.) This is not the first time Milo has spoken of the joys of pedophilia. He did it on the Joe Rogan podcast last year, but no one really noticed. (On the same show he defended grabbing women by the breast and pussy.) Now, thanks to “black block” anarchists who shut down his events at UC Davis and Berkeley, Milo is playing to bigger stages like CPAC. Conservatives are starting to actually listen to him, instead of just basking in the glow of his free speech battles with the left.

The deeper question here is how all of this went as far as it did before the contradictions exploded. Which leads us into the bizarre world of gay men, Trump, and the alt-right.

It is well-known, for example, that billionaire internet entrepreneur Peter Thiel was the first openly gay man to address a Republican convention, and did so to endorse Trump, for which he received a rousing ovation. And there was the creepily intimate Trump-Thiel hand caress at Trump’s “tech summit” with Silicon Valley big shots.

Less known is the fact that Andrew Breitbart worked for years “universalizing the conservative message in such a fashion that is audible enough to the gay community to break down the sound barrier created by the organized left.” In January 2011, Breitbart joined the board of far-right gay political group GOProud (now defunct). The next month, GOProud organized Trump’s first speech at CPAC, which launched Trump’s career as a Republican. Breitbart died suddenly in 2012 and Stephen K. Bannon took over, brought Yiannopoulos on board, took over the stumbling Trump campaign and rode it into the White House.

Thiel and Yiannopoulos have been arguing that, now that gay marriage is legal and gays can serve in the military, gays should move into the conservative camp from where they can more effectively fight against what their real enemy: Islam. (Note that I use the term “gays” rather than LGBT because, as far as I can see, the queer alt-right is mostly, though not entirely, gay men.)

Both Thiel and Yiannopoulos are immigrants from Europe, where there is no tradition of Christian social conservatism, where gay rights are far more secure than in the US, and where gay men have been elected to public office on far right platforms. I have watched their rise in the US right, surprised at how far they have been able to go without significant blowback from the social conservatives. Are those culture wars really over? Huh?

But now an immigrant Jewish homosexual who defends Catholic priest pedophilia and sex between adult men and 13-year-old boys and calls our pussy-grabbing president “daddy” is set to address the nation’s biggest conservative gathering.

College campuses have been confronting the Milo mess almost alone in recent weeks. Time to give the Christian conservatives their turn. This should be fun.

Milo has tried to back out of the mess by claiming that the video was “deceptively edited.” This is from a senior editor at Breitbart, which was launched with infamously deceptively edited videos which destroyed the ACORN organization, as well as the infamously deceptively edited videos which destroyed the career of Shirley Sherrod.

Here is Milo’s response in its entirety:

There’s a video going around that purports to show me saying anti-semitic things (nope) and advocating for pedophilia (big nope). The shocking thing? It’s Republicans doing it. Sad to see establishment types collapse into the same tactics as social justice warriors: name calling, deceptively edited videos, confected moral outrage and public shaming. This is why they deserve to burn ― and why they are burning. Here’s how I actually feel about pedophilia, which you’d know if you’d actually watched or read anything I’ve ever done. Or, you know, if you had two brain cells to rub together. There’s only one appropriate response to this sort of behavior, and it’s a gigantic F*CK YOU!

You go, Milo! Yeah! A gigantic F*CK YOU from you to Republicans is just a wonderful idea!

Note to the black block: See what happens when you just let him run at the mouth?


Update: CPAC cancels Milo. File under “It gets better.”

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