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Bryan A. McCoy: I Live In Milwaukee, And This Is My Style

No corny T-shirts, please.

As part of the fashion-obsessed community, we’re always interested in finding out what people are wearing around the country. So far, we’ve learned which trends are popular in Memphis and some of the best local places to shop are in Birmingham, Alabama.

And we’re still on the search to find out what fashion looks like to people living in cities all around the country.


Bryan A. McCoy is a 22-year-old retail associate who has lived in Milwaukee for 17 years. His Instagram account is rife with ripped denim and graphic T-shirts, but you won’t find “corny graphics and labels,” which he told HuffPost he can’t stand.

Born in California, McCoy told HuffPost he pays homage to his birthplace, despite living in this Wisconsin city for nearly his entire life. Find out what that entails, and check out his favorite personal trends below.

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What makes the style in your city unique?

I think because we’re a smaller city compared to the major ones in other states, it makes our style a little more personal. Meaning you won’t find a bunch of people all looking or dressing the same.

What’s the best thing about the style in your city?

I like the fact that everyone does their own thing and dresses the way they want to, and not just following a bunch of trends.

What are some trends that are popular right now in your city?

Since we live in a state where it can get very cold during the fall and winter, a big trend here is for people to pull out their Columbia and North Face jackets. If you go to any college campus here, you’re guaranteed to find many people sporting those two brands. I don’t know how popular this trend may be in other states, but here a lot of the women also love wearing Ugg boots and for the guys it would have to be Timberland boots. That is really what the majority of people like to wear, just anything that’ll keep them warm ― but those two brands are big here.

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What are some of your favorite personal trends?

Some of mine have to be the longer and oversized fit of T-shirts and sweatshirts. I just like the overall street style aesthetic.

What are some trends in your city that you hate?

I personally dislike T-shirts with a bunch of corny graphics and labels plastered all over the garment.

Do you feel like your style reflects your city? Why or why not?

Not necessarily. I was born in California, so I tend to stick to my roots and have more of a Cali type of look and style.

What does your style say about you?

I think my style represents who I am and comes off as someone who is bold, unique and likes to take chances with things. It also says how flashy I can be at times, but also how simple and classy I can come off as a person. That’s exactly who I am ― I can switch up at any moment depending on the occasion.

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What are your favorite places to shop? Both locally and online?

Locally, I like to shop at Urban Outfitters, Moda3 and H&M. I have a lot of favorite online stores, but recently I have been supporting and buying from brands that I come across on Instagram like Profound Aesthetic, Represent, Supreme New York, Chmps Parisse and Mnml.

Do you feel pressure to be stylish in your city?

I don’t think so. I don’t feel any pressure and I think that stems from the fact that I’m very confident in who I am, and anything I wear makes me feel comfortable. I also don’t dress to impress anyone but myself so there’s no pressure.

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Do you think it costs a lot of money to be stylish in your city?

I don’t think being stylish in general costs a lot of money. I go to thrift stores often and find pieces that, if well put together, appear to be very expensive, even if they were only a couple of bucks at my local GoodWill.