Iconic Photos Give A Glimpse Of What Modern South Korea Used To Be

Acclaimed Korean documentary photojournalist Min-jo Jeon’s work captures an emerging South Korea of the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Today, South Korea is known as a bastion of modern fashion, architecture and K-pop music. But it is almost surreal to see what the country used to look like and how people lived.

Across the 1960s to 1980s, 62-year-old Korean documentary photojournalist Min-jo Jeon, who worked at the Dong-a Ilbo and Korea Times newspapers for some 30 years, traveled around South Korea and took photos of an emerging South Korea.

Min-jo Jeon's work will soon be displayed at the National History Museum in Jongno, Seoul. The exhibition, named "Pictures Tell the Story," starts Nov. 26 and will run for two months.

Scroll down to take a look at the photos:

Apgujeong-dong, Seoul, 1978
Min-jo Jeon, Pictures Tell the Story
Formerly a dock to the Han River, a major river in South Korea, Apgujeong-dong is now one of Seoul's main high-end shopping districts.
Building 3.1, Seoul, 1969
Min-jo Jeon , Pictures Tell The Story
Completed in 1969, Building 3.1, at 31 storeys high, was Seoul's first skyscraper.
Island of Hahtae, Shinan, Jeollanam-Do Province, 1972
Min-jo Jeon, Pictures Tell The Story
Everyone in the family, including young daughters, pitched in with household chores, such as gathering sticks and straw.
Former First Lady Young-soo Yuk, June 1972
Min-jo Jeon, Pictures Tell The Story
Former first lady and mother of current South Korean president Geun-hye Park greets visitors at a charity event.
Local Bus Station at Eulgi-ro, Seoul, 1976
Min-jo Jeon, Pictures Tell The Story
Today, Seoul's bus system provides cheap transportation to millions of citizens. But in the 1970s, there was often a shortage of rides.
Wake of Doosan Corporation Founder Doo-byung Park, 1973
Min-jo Jeon, Pictures Tell The Story
Doosan Corporation was one of the rising business corporations, or chaebols, of its time, and was headed by Doo-byung Park. In this photo, Park's relatives gather at his wake.
Outside a Train Station Ticket Booth, 1978
Min-jo Jeon, Pictures Tell The Story
People throng a booth for train tickets, which at the time were supposedly unattainable.
Farmer, 1982
Min-jo Jeon, Pictures Tell The Story
A farmer smiles up at the sky.
Ok-yoon Gil Plays The Saxophone, Sept. 1982
Min-jo Jeon, Pictures Tell The Story
Ok-yoon Gil was not only an amazing saxophonist, but also one of the premier composers of what is now known as modern Korean pop. He was also the husband of famous Korean diva, Patti Kim.

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