'Mind Art' Project Allows Individuals Living With Disabilities To Create Art With Their Brains

According to Human Rights Watch, there are 83 million people living with disabilities in China. However, despite the fact that this represents the largest population of individuals with disabilities in the world, little national support exists.

To bring awareness to the rights and realities of these individuals, Chinese artist Jody Xiong teamed up with paint purveyor Winsor & Newton to launch a project called "Mind Art." In it, 16 people living with disabilities volunteered -- via social media -- to take part in an art-meets-science feat involving a neurosky processing unit and brain-activated paint explosions.

The participants each wore a headset connected to a processing unit, an arrangement that allowed electronic signals from the brain to set off tiny detonators attached to paint-filled balloons. Through deep concentration, headset-wearing artists were able to trigger the paint explosions, splattering individually chosen pigments across an enclosure of blank canvases. The elaborate "performances" resulted in stunning abstract paintings like the ones seen below.

The "Mind Art" exhibition toured 22 cities across China, with an average of 50,000 visitors per week, according to Winsor & Newton. Around $130,000 raised from the sales of the works went to charities supporting disabilities. See the unique process of creating in the video above and let us know your thoughts on the project in the comments.



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