'The Mind Of A Chef' Preview: Aziz Ansari Gets Confused For Sugar Sammy At Wilensky's (VIDEO)

What would "Parks and Recreations" scene-stealer Tom Haverford called the grilled bologna-and-salami sandwich special at Wilensky's in Montreal? S'lami Sammie? Flat Meat? The Hockey Puck?

Unless the crew takes a special trip across the Great Lakes in an upcoming episode, we may never know. But we have the next best thing: a video of Aziz Ansari, the comedian who plays Haverford, eating one of those same sandwiches with Momofuku chef David Chang and the chefs in charge of famous Montreal restaurant Joe Beef, David McMillan and Frederic Morin.

The clip -- an exclusive preview of Chang and Anthony Bourdain's new show, "The Mind of a Chef," which premieres Friday night on PBS -- is embedded above. Ansari and the Joe Beef boys, all well-known FODCs (Friends of David Chang), are guest stars, whereas Chang is slated to appear in every episode this season.

The highlight of the video is definitely the moment when another patron of Wilensky's approaches Ansari and asks him whether he's Sugar Sammy, another comedian of Indian descent. Ansari takes it in stride, and riffs hilariously on the idea that he's Sugar Sammy, but Chang corrects their fellow diner.

Also notable: while Chang, McMillan and Morin all order two special sandwiches, Ansari only orders one. What a lightweight!

Even if you're not an Aziz Ansari fan, the video is worth watching, if only for some drool-worthy food porn from one of the best-known sandwich vendors on the continent.



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