'Mind Of A Chef' November 30 Preview: David Chang Shops For Duck Tongue, Cooks Strawberry Foam (VIDEO)

David Chang and Anthony Bourdain's "The Mind Of A Chef" premiered November 9 on PBS (check your local listings for air time). In each episode, Chang plays around with cool food preparations and eats some pretty great meals.

For the November 30 episode, we're bringing you previews of what you can expect tonight. The bowl of cereal we're currently eating feels extremely unfulfilling as we watch these clips.

Clip 1: Chang looks around for ingredients like duck tongue and duck feet at a Chinatown supermarket. He muses what would happen if such ingredients wound up in Whole Foods. "People are going to complain, and you're going to have to tell them 'pigs have hearts too,'" he says. Fact: we would like to go grocery shopping with David Chang.

Clip 2: Chang plays with freeze-dried foods, courtesy of NASA. He hopes to make a better ramen stock using freeze-dried foods, and the results are pretty positive.

Clip 3: For your daily moment of zen, we recommend this clip. It features the beautiful process of making Japanese tofu. The moment of zen ends though, when Chang talks about how a soybean enzyme makes you "fart all the time." Don't worry though -- he guides you through the "de-farting process."

Clip 4: Chang demonstrates a recipe for strawberry foam -- and you don't need any fancy equipment to do so (sorry, Marcel?).



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