Mindful Business: Coming Soon to a Business Near You

Running business today requires different skills than say, running a business 20 years ago. As the consciousness of the planet is shifting running a successful and profitable business too must shift. Successful business today is a co-created balance of head data and heart intuition. A successful business needs a SpiritStrategy. SpiritStrategy: A new design for business. The way to engage people's heart and hands in collective action to make their business visualizations come true.

I am honored that the Arianna and the team at Huffington post have invited me to be a part of a conversation around spirituality in business. Many recognize that business is changing we are human beings not human-doings and in that truth we want to "be" more fully real, authentic, honest and present in the business we co-create.

This is your invitation, check back to this blog, I will be talking about spirituality and business. Huh? What? While it starts with meditation rooms (see link here on what Salesforce just added), volunteer days and health initiatives. Mindful business is more than that. I work with CEO's and executive leaders to shift business culture to co-create visionary leadership and legacy with Spirit + Strategy. This head and heart combination realizes higher profits as prophets for good.

Time for a New Conversation
By "spirituality," I do not mean religion. Instead, I approach spirituality as a broad concept with room for many perspectives--a sense of connection to the whole of life. We will talk about how working in businesses are a universal human experience--something that touches us all. How can we get conscious about co-creating more mindful, meaningful, and powerful soul-connecting businesses?

I believe the time has come to have a new conversation in all business. Businesses are a key contributor to conversations and social change, and we are living in an era when social change is rampant. The illusion of a division between church and state is that--an illusion. Equal rights, marriage equality, globalism, and technology are all working to evolve the consciousness of the planet. Younger employees require bringing their heart and spirit to the work they do.

My work as a meeting professional, association executive, and licensed religious science practitioner trained in using spiritual tools and traditions to help people meet challenges and grow understanding positions me to be a clearinghouse for this new conversation. Going forward I'll bring my expertise, experience, and thoughts on mindfulness in business; we will talk topics such as; surrender, freedom, forgiveness, gratitude, and other practices that will honor the soul of strategic business for you, the leaders and co-creators in the future of business.

If conscious capitalism is a thing--and conscious companies are making billions--now is the time to build mindful business. Let's build more love for our business and industry in co-creation with spiritual law to create more ease, flow, joy, and fun in the work we do.

Now is the time. We are the people. Please join me in this transformational conversation.

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP works with CEO's and executive leaders as a consultant, speaker and SpiritStrategist. She consults with clients on building transformational companies, keynote speaker, consultant she facilitates strategic advance sessions, teaming with leaders to co-create new visions, and introducing new and proven approaches to spirit in business leadership.

Author and international business columnist, her award-winning book, 'Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association for Success' guides leaders to create a new belief system about how their organization works, so they can forge a new future NOW.