Mindful Leadership at World Economic Forum

It is early Wednesday morning in Davos and the main meeting space for the 2013 World Economic Forum is just beginning to buzz. People are filling the registration lines and the security is well in place everywhere you look. As a first timer, and someone deeply honored and grateful for the opportunity to teach mindful leadership here, it all seems like an amazing, somewhat surreal experience.

The faculty and participants are from all sectors of society and are here because they are people with influence in our world. And this year's theme is Resilient Dynamism. Could you ever imagine a better description for the work of mindful leadership??? Leading today is an incredibly complex responsibility and it can easily become so busy and overscheduled that leaders find themselves lacking in the very skills we most need them to have, the very skills that mindfulness can strengthen-focus, clarity, creativity and compassion. Simply put, the training of mindfulness in the context of leadership excellence invites leaders to be more of who they are, more in touch with their personal principles and values, and more guided by their inner wisdom.

So, what will the reception be for mindful leadership training? Stay tuned...
What would you hope to see?

Janice Marturano is the Founder and Executive Director of the Institute for Mindful Leadership