Mindful Magic. Moments Matter.

With time being the one thing that continues to pass us by, what are you doing to stretch out the moments within? Mindfulness is simply the observation of thoughts and feelings as they arise without any judgement, good or bad. It is an active, open attention to the present moment at hand.

Can you feel it? This moment in front of you reading the words I have typed. With attention to your breath in and your breath out you are bringing your attention to this precise moment. Feel it again by taking a longer breath in and a slower breath out. It just feels so good.

The joy of breathing is appreciation for the life being lived, which is a gift never to be taken for granted. Awaken to the experience of slowing down, singular focus and just for this moment suspend all your expectations. Release any concerns of the past and stop trying to predict your future. Cherish what is, and appreciate all that has brought you to this moment. Accept people and life as they are, where they are.

Now is what matters. So, if you haven’t been practicing being mindful before, do not judge yourself for we are all guilty of this. It takes daily practice, hourly practice at that to live a mindful life. And when you feel yourself further out from the present moment know that you have the power to rewind yourself in like you would gently pull a vinyl record back or turn the dial on a cassette with a finger. Think of those physical examples to truly connect your mind and body to the present moment. If you have a record player or a cassette I encourage you to physically pull back the vinyl and hand rewind the cassette to experience the simplicity of that action. Train yourself to pull in to the moment.

It's just a matter of paying attention on purpose. Truly feeling the emotions that you experience throughout the day and honoring them. Don’t deny or avoid emotions or an uncomfortable situation. Fully feel what is present in your life to process the moment.

Artistic expression is a great way to enjoy the magic of mindfulness. The way your pencil drags on a clean sheet of paper, the sensation you feel as your paintbrush strokes across the texture of canvas, the way that melodies layer as you mix two records together. It’s magic.

Make your daily habits come to focus in a magical way by truly appreciating the process of what you are doing. Slow down when you step outside in the first time for the morning even when you are in a rush to be on time. Smell the air, experience the clouds and appreciate the plants around you.

Remember to relax because nothing is under control. Have a sense of humor about it all, mistakes included. Release high expectations of yourself and others. Forgive often. Forgive always. For yourself and for others. It is the essence of love to accept that we are all doing our best with what we have, what we have experienced and how much we are always trying to grow.

Mindfulness is a growth strategy. There is no age cap to growth for if you aren’t growing, you are dying. It’s by no means just an approach for the youth. We all grow with each day and aspire to become the best versions of ourselves.

Feel the energy around you, within you, for everything is energy. Nourish your spirit with daily practice, compassion and attention to living life on purpose.

Whatever you do, just don’t forget the magic of it all.

And as a little bonus gift for your moments, I want to direct you to listen to some mindful magic. I am so grateful that I came across Murray Hidary and his #mindtravel experiences. While I have yet to be on the beach at sunset for one of his magical journeys, I know the universe will bring that experience to me at the perfect moment. Enjoy him by pressing this magic button right here.

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