Practicing Mindfulness May Reduce ADHD Behaviors, Increase Attention In Young Students (VIDEO)

WATCH: How Mindfulness Can Help Kids

The many benefits of mindfulness are not exclusive to adults.

Maintaining a firm sense of the present moment could also be advantageous for children. Amy Saltzman, director of the Association for Mindfulness in Education, told HuffPost Live's Nancy Redd that recent research has suggested that kids who learn to practice mindfulness show decreased ADHD behaviors and perform better on computerized tasks that measure their capacity for paying attention.

The benefits of mindfulness in young students might even extend past the children to the people who are interacting with them.

"Some of the more interesting data shows kinder, more compassionate decision-making for both the person practicing the mindfulness, but then they're also able to take into account the other people in their environment and practice what we call responding rather than reacting to a particular situation," Saltzman said.

Catch the full conversation about mindfulness for children at HuffPost Live HERE.

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