Mindfulness: An Holistic Approach to Business


The Academi of Life set up an amazing conference a few months ago. Renewal Organized was about "mindfulness in business".

We may all think we've been pretty mindful of our work, and our work is always quite the mind full, but this event definitely shed some light for me.

Now, since we have established that work is a mind full, that statements stands true whether you're an employee or a boss.

Overworked? Underpaid? How is it possible to stay emotionally intact at work? Workplace related stress can cause up to $300 billion in lost revenue each year. What a big number for a little stress!

Everyone stresses at work, and that might not be your responsibility, but you can definitely account for your own stress! Be mindful.

For instance, some people use meditation to improve their work performance, or excel in life. Some have even found their true calling.

So how can you be mindful? Mindful in the sense of being aware of oneself but also able to focus fully on the task at hand. This encompasses emotions and thoughts, being aware of the distractions but being concentrated on the work to be done.

Come on, how hard can that be when the phone is ringing, people are walking in, and your work from the morning hasn't even been dented? Well, mindfulness can ease all that, and have your morning work done timely, so you can focus on the other things!

So you have all these great wonderful ideas but it is just so hard to execute them, you can start them but finishing them is the biggest challenge. Well, if you could harness the same energy you had at the start, the same focus, then you could turn yourself into an effective, efficient and respected leader or project manager.


Taking a genuine empathy for your co-workers, boss, or subordinates will definitely impact your work environment for the better, and possibly even help others' stress! They could learn to be mindful through you.

You would not only be a highly valued asset to the company, you would also be able to enjoy that recognition, and as a result advance your career and your goals. All by simply going from a mind full to mindfulness.

Now, mindfulness is not just for your work efficiency, but also for your health. It can be quite beneficial for you physically as well. You'll feel much more energized, and less overwhelmed.

The most physical benefits come from mindful breathing. How can this help? Well, when the boss calls your name and you have to walk into their office, does your chest tighten? Do you have to take a moment to stop holding your breath? Mindful breathing! Sitting in the conference room and you want to speak but those vice grips got your chest? Mindful breathing.

Those pesky coworkers, they can get you all tied up in knots too! Getting you frustrated and annoyed, they spend most of the day with you, the most they could do is be courteous, well that's okay. You can remember to breathe.

Okay, I keep mentioning mindful breathing, so what? You think about breathing, one -- two, one -- two. No! You don't have to physically tell yourself to breathe. Try taking a serious of deep, calming breaths, for a couple of minutes. (Don't get lightheaded...)

Inhale for six seconds and breathe out. Then do this for up to two minutes and try not to think of anything but breathing.This simple technique can lower your levels of stress and relieve the tightness in your chest.

It's a new year. Now it is about that time to be making new plans, and I do plan to explore mindfulness and how it can help me in my day-to-day, why don't you? It can only help! Bring on the new-and-improved you one step at a time in 2016!

Photo Credits: Victor Cucart, Gigi Stoll