Mindfulness: How The Practice Can Change Your Life (VIDEO)

It's pretty common to imagine how you'll celebrate the week's end. And it's also pretty likely you've reminisced about last weekend, thanks to social-oriented life trackers like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

But one chunk of our lives that can go missing from our thoughts is the present moment: The now -- life in real time.

The act of being present, or mindfulness, is a practice that many are beginning to integrate into their lives, and for good reason: Research has shown it has many benefits in the realm of health and wellness, like physical pain relief and stress management.

In the video above, Jay Michaelson, author of Evolving Dharma, explains the concept of mindfulness to HuffPost Live host Josh Zepps. "Mindfulness is about bringing attention and awareness into the present moment ... it's a way of focusing the mind," he says. Michaelson goes on to explain that mindfulness is another type of fitness -- contemplative fitness -- that can help us to perform more effectively. And just like your routine at the gym, a mindfulness practice does necessarily require hours and hours of work to see results.

Watch the clip above for more on the power of mindfulness and catch the full segment, "Power of Mindfulness," here.

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