8 Reasons to Develop Your Spiritual Connection

It is an incredible freedom to not be dependent upon others to show you what is best for you. You can learn to live your best life by learning how to stay consistently connected with your spiritual guidance.
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I grew up in a household with a very religious grandmother and atheist parents. My grandmother's judgmental God didn't appeal to me, nor did my parents' atheism. I didn't see any of them being happy in their lives. They all tried to impose their views on me, but fortunately I decided to find my own way regarding my spirituality.

Through the years of trying to create my personal spirituality, I finally discovered that keeping my heart open to learning about loving myself and others is the key to maintaining a consistent spiritual connection. I also discovered the enormous benefits of staying connected with my spiritual guidance -- benefits that I don't think my religious grandmother or my atheist parents ever experienced.

1. Access Your Best, Right Decisions
Do you have problems making decisions? Once you are connected with your personal source of spiritual guidance, decision-making becomes easy. I love it that I can ask my higher guidance what is best and right for me and receive the answers that are in my highest good.

2. Never Feel Alone
We have not been dropped on this planet alone; we are always being held in divine love. But the only way we can know this is by direct experience of our spiritual guidance. When you have this connection, then you no longer have to rely on belief -- you know that you are always held in love and that you are never alone.

3. Manifestation
We are co-creators with spirit. When you learn how to stay connected with your spiritual guidance, you tap into the power to manifest your dreams. It's wonderful to experience that you no longer have to plug away at things alone -- that you are always being helped and supported by your higher power.

4. Manage Emotional Pain
Most of us did not grow up learning how to lovingly manage deep emotional pain -- the pain of loneliness, heartbreak, grief and helplessness over others and over life situations of loss. Experiencing the love and comfort of spirit is vital for being able to manage the big losses in life, such as the loss of a loved one or loss of a job or of financial stability. Without this ability to feel the love and comfort of spirit, many people turn to addictions to numb out the pain of loss. It is far healthier to manage painful feelings with the help of your spiritual guidance than to turn to addictions.

5. Heal False Beliefs
We all grew up with many false beliefs that create numerous problems for us. Beliefs such as, "I'm not good enough," or "I can't handle pain," or "I'm not lovable," or "I can control how others feel about me," can be healed only when we can access a powerful source of truth. The truth needs to come through us from spirit in order to heal us. Our mind is not capable of knowing the truth without accessing it from our higher guidance.

6. Fill Yourself With Love To Share
Many people spend their energy in relationships trying to get love in order to feel safe and worthy. When you have a direct connection with the love that is spirit, you no longer have to try to get love from others. You can learn to fill yourself with love and have plenty to share with others. Sharing love is the highest experience in life, but you can't share what you don't feel you have. Spirit is our one and only dependable source of love.

7. Creativity
Our creativity doesn't come from our own minds -- it comes through our minds from spirit when we are open to it. If you are blocked in your creativity, learning how to connect with your higher guidance will unblock you.

8. Become Your Own Guru
When you have a solid connection with your personal source of spiritual guidance, you are no longer available to be controlled by others. Becoming your own guru means that you define your own worth through the truth coming from your guidance, and you are constantly being guided in what is most loving to you regarding how to live your life. As you learn to trust your guidance, you learn to trust yourself, which is what makes you unavailable to being controlled by others.

It is an incredible freedom to not be dependent upon others to show you what is best for you. You can learn to live your best life by learning how to stay consistently connected with your spiritual guidance.

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