Why Mindy Cohn Wanted Her Character To Lose Her Virginity On 'The Facts Of Life' (VIDEO)

The popular '80s sitcom "The Facts of Life" didn't shy away from controversial subjects. Eating disorders, drug use, peer pressure -- check, check, check. But when it came to sex, not all the show's stars were willing to go there, actress Mindy Cohn, told "Oprah: Where Are They Now?"

"Somebody had to pop their cherry," Cohn says in the above video. "I mean, one of us had to do it. Otherwise it starts to become a joke, if you've got four girls living under the same roof and no one's having sex -- and yet, we have these different boyfriends all the time."

Lisa Whelchel's character Blair was slated for the scene, but Cohn, who played Natalie, says she didn't want to do it. "At the time, Natalie was in a long-term relationship, so I thought it was responsible for her to have the sex talk on the table. So I absolutely raised my hand, rushed to the writer's room and said, 'I'm in! And I think it will be great,'" Cohn says.

It's been more than 25 years since "The Facts of Life" went off the air, and Cohn says she and Whelchel are closer now than ever. "That's based on just our life experiences and where we are now," she says. "I equate it to if you went to high school and then went on to college with the same group of people, you have a certain kind of relationship and that is the relationship we have."

"So there are three girls who understand my experience and they shared it with me," Cohn says. "And so that bond is there for life."

Watch the video below to see OWN Executive Producer Julie Simpson talk more about the episode on HuffPost Live.

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