Mindy Jones: Drunk Woman Steals Ambulance, Has A "Pretty Good Time" (VIDEO)

If you're going to steal a car, most likely you'll want to make an inconspicuous getaway. Reasonable enough, right? Well not for this wasted woman, who fled a hospital after stealing an ambulance - that's right, a $120,000 vehicle known for its flashing lights and sirens.

The woman, Mindy Jones, had been arrested earlier in the night for a DUI and a hit and run when she was brought to the hospital for tests. When her nurse turned her back, she took off and hopped in an ambulance. After a 50 mile joyride in which she planned to hunt down her ex-boyfriend, Jones actually gave a drunken interview admitting her actions.

"I had the ambulance," recalled a wasted Jones. "And I had a pretty good time driving it."

We're sure she did.