Mindy Kaling Re-creates 'Homecoming' Dances As Self-Described 'Crazy Beyoncé Fan'

The actress and TV producer wants to know if the Queen Bey needs a new dancer.

Mindy Kaling is not shy about sharing her admiration for Beyoncé ― and this time she’s doing it with dance moves.

“Guys did you see Beyoncé‘s ‘Homecoming’ Coachella documentary?” Kaling asks in a video posted to social media Thursday.

“The Mindy Project” creator says she watched “Homecoming” the night it came out on Netflix. The documentary, released last week, captures the Queen Bey’s iconic performance at last year’s Coachella music festival.

Kaling continues: “So I, as a crazy Beyoncé fan, decided to rewind it and then find some of my favorite moves that she did, and bring them to you.”

The actress then does her best to re-create some of Beyoncé’s choreography from the already classic performance ― and offers her services as a backup dancer.

“The Office” writer and actress has long shared her appreciation for Beyoncé. Last year, Kaling recreated the singer’s Vogue cover by donning her own flowery crown.

“@Beyonce Pad Thai, Vogue Edition,” Kaling wrote in the post, referencing the name of her “Mindy Project” character’s alter ego, “Beyonce Pad Thai.”

Fans of Kaling and Beyoncé got in formation behind the new video: