Mindy Kaling Flaunts Beach Body: 'You Don’t Have To Be A Size 0' To Wear A Bikini

The actress rocked her two-piece swimsuit with an empowering message.

Mindy Kaling celebrated the Fourth of July holiday with an awesome body positive message.

“[I don’t know] who needs to hear this but… WEAR A BIKINI IF YOU WANT TO WEAR A BIKINI. You don’t have to be a size 0,” the actress wrote in an Instagram post this weekend alongside photos of her rocking some bright high-waisted bikinis.

Celebrities including Yara Shahidi, Kim Kardashian and Tess Holliday commented on the post with messages of support.

Kaling explained in an accompanying video that she first started wearing bikinis during her college years when she would visit her best friend Jocelyn Leavitt in Hawaii.

“What I was struck about Hawaii is that everyone wears bikinis. It does not matter what your body type is ― you rock a bikini because you’re in Hawaii,” Kaling said. “And there’s so much body positivity there that I ― who was always shy about my body ― would wear bikinis.”