Mindy Kaling Gets The Look Of Love From Ex B.J. Novak That We All Want

An Instagram photo of Novak gazing at Kaling during her birthday party had fans swooning.

Mindy Kaling got the look of love on her birthday from ex-boyfriend and co-star B.J. Novak.

A photo Novak posted Tuesday of him gazing ― Adoringly? Admiringly? Amorously? ― at Kaling during her 40th birthday bash had fans wishing they could be at the receiving end of that kind of look.

The two dated on and off during their early days on “The Office” and have remained friends. Some followers expressed hope that Novak, who’s the godfather to Kaling’s 1 1/2-year-old daughter Katherine, and his dear pal could rekindle their romance.

Here’s a sampling of the Instagram comments.

“Get u a man that looks at u the same way bj looks at mindy.”

“I wish someone looked at me like BJ looks at Mindy.”

“The way you look at her melts my heart.”

“I want someone to look at me the way he looks at mindy.”

“Can you guys get married already.”

“I hate and love how secretive they are.”

“Why do they do this to us whhhhyyyyyy.”

And, of course there was strong conjecture about the paternity of Kaling’s daughter (which the comedian has not publicly disclosed).

“There is absolutely no way that @picturesoftext (Novak’s Instagram handle) iisn’t the father of @mindykaling ’s child!!!!!!”

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