Mindy Kaling Has Some Adorable Things To Say About B.J. Novak

It's no secret that Mindy Kaling's friendship with B.J. Novak is pretty awesome.

When Kaling dropped by HuffPost Live on Friday, Sept. 12, to chat about the upcoming third season of "The Mindy Project," she explained to host Ricky Camilleri why her bond with Novak is so special.

"My relationship with B.J. is very close, and I adore him and I don't know anyone funnier than him. We're also very combative, in a way that I really like," she said.

We all need that one person who's honest no matter what, and Novak's long history with Kaling makes him the perfect candidate. The pair grew up 10 minutes away from one another, and both cut their teeth on "The Office" in their early 20s.

"He's the closest thing I have as the person who, in success, can still tell me the stuff that other people don't want to tell me," she said.

"It's lucky because he's my best friend and my biggest fan and also the person I have the most knock-down, drag-out fights with," Kaling said. "I get a lot of theatricality with our relationship."

Hear more about this amazing friendship in the clip above, and watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with Mindy Kaling here.

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